Two-week overdue photos that I feel like sharing at 10:55PM while I’m having thoughts and rants about life.




Top: DECATHLON | Pants: H&M | Shoes & cap: ADIDAS | Outwear: RIFLE | Bag: MANGO

I‘m scrolling over my recent photos when I saw these photos taken 2 weeks ago. Something inside me pushed me to write a post tonight before I end this day. “Null” being its title regarded as how I see life at this very moment. I literally did nothing good or productive for the past 4 days of my life, and literally just slept all day every single day. I have too many things to do, but I haven’t done anything. Please tell me HOW TO ADULT. I’m also craving for some adventure, but I feel like school’s taking over my life. I am bored. I do the exact same routine everyday, and I am in an urge to do something different with my life. You get what I’m trying to say, right? I don’t know. Yup, just some rants of a 22-year old woman. Haha. Now, let’s call it a day!