The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away


Hello there beautiful people! How are you? The weather isn’t good today but fine though. So we went to San Rafael Estate and attended Christening of Rafa. I supposed to stay home to finish all my projects, but because I don’t want to be home alone, I join my mom and others. I’m very proud of myself, it didn’t took me an hour again to decide what to wear. I felt lazy to take outfit post today due to bad weather. But for the sake of updating my Lookbook and blog, I tried my very best to smile and strike a pose. And then ta-da! It tunred out great! Yipee! Btw, I just realized that my hair has a very saturated color. I know it’s very loud though I darken it already. Anyway, here’s my look for today. 

Top: Sheer top from Forever 21
Bottom: A skirt from SM Hypermarket
Watch: Gold watch with leather strap from D&G
Footwear: Plain Blue Flats from Solemate

Have a wonderful day everyone! Spread love♥