Forgot To Bring Your Pony Tail?

Forgot To Bring Your Pony Tail?

Isn’t it irritating if you forgot to bring your pony tail especially when it’s very very hot? It’s very itchy & sticky! But don’t worry! You can now tie your hair up without using a pony tail. Here’s how to do it yourself. I prefer to do the side bun.

Here’s a closer look of my tutorial and the procedure:
20130327-152159.jpgStep 1: Pull your hair back like you are about to put it in a ponytail

20130327-152433.jpgStep 2: Twist your hair like a rope

20130327-152920.jpgStep 3: Keep twisting until it turns around itself into a bun

20130327-153410.jpgStep 4: Get a little portion of your hair at the bottom of your bunned hair

20130327-153627.jpgStep 5: Tuck the little portion of your hair under the bun and pull it out through the middle up to the upper part of the bun

20130327-153924.jpgAnd ta-da! You have a side bun without using a pony tail now! Just make sure it’s tight.
Go try it yourself! It might be hard at first but it’s very easy. Say goodbye to panic mode. Have a happy summer!