Forgot To Bring Your Pony Tail?

Isn’t it irritating if you forgot to bring your pony tail especially when it’s very very hot? It’s very itchy & sticky! But don’t worry! You can now tie your hair up without using a pony tail. Here’s how to do it yourself. I prefer to do the side bun.

Here’s a closer look of my tutorial and the procedure:
20130327-152159.jpgStep 1: Pull your hair back like you are about to put it in a ponytail

20130327-152433.jpgStep 2: Twist your hair like a rope

20130327-152920.jpgStep 3: Keep twisting until it turns around itself into a bun

20130327-153410.jpgStep 4: Get a little portion of your hair at the bottom of your bunned hair

20130327-153627.jpgStep 5: Tuck the little portion of your hair under the bun and pull it out through the middle up to the upper part of the bun

20130327-153924.jpgAnd ta-da! You have a side bun without using a pony tail now! Just make sure it’s tight.
Go try it yourself! It might be hard at first but it’s very easy. Say goodbye to panic mode. Have a happy summer!