Have you encountered a moment when you’re very excited to take photos — you went down already, you wore your shoes and you put on your make-up, then you turned on the camera and it said “Shutter release disabled. Recharge batteryuiopasdfghjkl”. That heartbreaking moment *tears fell*. Haha. My brother and I often experience that scenario. We immediately hit the buzzer and charge the camera for about 10 minutes. We still had 30 minutes to shoot before we went out for dinner at my auntie’s pad.


The weather yesterday here in Italy was quite good. We didn’t really seek for a bright spot to take photos. And speaking of the weather, my dear country, Philippines is experiencing heavy rains and flash floods for weeks now. Kindly #PrayForThePhilippines and for everybody’s safety. Thank you very much. There’s no more powerful than offering a simple prayer.


Going back to my subject.. I just have to share with you this funny moment I encountered yesterday. I really want to have a good street shot. I mean, sitting on the road with my shoes scattered around, but I didn’t even think about how hot the roads were. I just sat down and scream. Hahaha. Then my brother told me “Let’s do it quickly. Go!”. I started posing like I’m not burning myself, and still it didn’t went out so well. Lol. Awkward facial expressions were exhibited. He only took three photos ’cause a car will pass by. I ran as fast as I could barefooted. Hahaha! I swear that’s really a funny scenario. If only you could see my face, how I ran, my reaction and all; and my feet were so dirty. Lol.


Look at that baby fats. Teehee. I gained two kilos so… that calls for a diet and a daily jog. I badly need it. My clothes won’t fit my body size anymore.  I know it’s embarrassing but I have to face the fact. Ouch.

Romper from H&M | Shoes from PARISIAN

I missed wearing my school shoes. Yes, that’s my buddy every single day when I was still in the Philippines. Our department requires us to wear high heels all the time so it’s not that hard for me to wear heels when I need to. Imagine me crossing the pedestrian bridge wearing this five inches stilettos. Hard, right? But I got used to it. I forced myself to because that pair of heels was always my height enhancer. Short girls problem 101. Oh well.

Actually I have 50+ photos and I love them all. But I just have to choose few for this blog. My brother is in the mood yesterday. When I said “that’s enough!”, he replied “I still want to take pictures” so I have no other choice but to pose.  Have a wonderful day, sweeties! xx