Dangerous Kind

Dangerous Kind

It’s another beautiful day!!!But seriously, I am not feeling well but I’m still hyped! I was singing Tattooed On My Mind and suddenly thought of a post title. It was from the song’s lyrics. Haha. Thinking of a post title is one of the most challenging part of blogging, I swear! I often use lyrics and song titles. Lol.


I have outfit picks for this week but it obviously didn’t went the way I planned. The weather is so bipolar. I won’t plan my outfit for next week so I won’t be disappointed. I felt lazy to dress up today so I ended up pairing a maxi skirt with a shirt and printed creepers.


Top from H&M | Skirt from bazaar | Creepers from MANNIKA


I’ve been eye-ing for a creepers for so long but haven’t find any. Finally, a pair showed up! That pair isn’t really the style I wanted but at least I have platforms now. Not bad, though. I always have to have a height enhancer since I am not blessed with a height, I am just blessed with fats. If only I could transfer all my tummy fats to my legs, I would. Guess I just have to accept the fact that I will never be tall. I just stopped growing. I feel depressed. Lol.


Woohoo!!! I’m really active tonight! I want to party. Haha. Am I too annoying? Forgive my craziness, please 🙂 Haha. I hope you had a good day! 🙂